End of the anti-frack world near

End of the anti-frack world near by Fred LeBrun, August 4, 2012, Times Union
No new DEC monitoring or inspection staff members will be added for the first run of wells, and initially nothing will be done to regulate removing highly contaminated wastewater from well sites. It will be treated as “medical waste,” a lower legal level of concern than toxic waste. … An area that’s gotten little notice, for example; is the state Department of Transportation and the effect fracking will have on our roads, bridges and related infrastructure. … Listed are the many local roads and secondary bridges, along with their state analogs, in Broome, Tioga and Chemung counties that would likely need major maintenance or replacement That would be to the tune of $28 million to $31 million each for the bridges, and $300,000 and up per lane mile of pavement. A fracking truck on those roads is equivalent to 9,000 passenger cars in terms of wear and tear. Those are the DOT’s amazing statistics, not mine. What is equally amazing, or appalling, is that the DOT has no regulatory power over this extraordinary drilling industry….

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