Encana says sour gas and condensate blowout at Fox Creek has been capped; AER compliance dashboard does not

Encana says blowout at northern Alberta natural gas well has been capped by The Canadian Press, September 27, 2015, BOE Report
Encana says in an update on its website that the damaged wellhead 18 kilometres from Fox Creek has been brought under control and that the flow of natural gas and condensate has been stopped.

[Why will Encana and the AER not disclose the legal land description of the well?

Afraid citizens will find and follow the data?]

The blowout happened Sept. 21 at the well, which is licensed to produce hydrogen sulphide, a poisonous gas that smells like rotten eggs.

Encana says on its website that it is committed to fixing any environmental damage. [Is that right? When is Encana going to fix the dangerous contaminated drinking water at Rosebud and in other communities? And when is Encana going to unfrac Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers?]

It says it’s also still working to determine the cause of the incident. [Emphasis added]

[As of 8:30 pm September 27, 2015, the AER had not yet updated the incident report on their compliance dashboard:

2015 09 21 snap AER Encana sour gas & condensate blow out 18 km west Fox Creek

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