Encana Moves into New Eco-Friendly Facilities

Encana Moves into New Eco-Friendly Facilities by Cori Coffin, October 29, 2012, KREX
To accommodate its growth in the past decade, one oil and gas giant has a new home on the Western Slope. NewsChannel 5 was given a tour of Encana Oil and Gas’s new building. At one point during the tour, Sandy Kent with Encana Oil and Gas shuffled her legs to show movement to the sensor under her desk that monitors power to the computer. It’s just one aspect in the new eco-friendly, three-floor facility that’s aimed at keeping energy usage down.

“In the field we are constantly striving to reduce our footprint for drilling and operating, and we’re doing the same thing in our buildings,” explained Kent.

The new location in Parachute is larger than Encana’s previous location in the same city that was just a few miles away.

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