Encana Events Centre to keep name for five more years

Encana Events Centre to keep name for five more years by Energeticcity, September 19, 2012
The Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek will keeps its name for at least another five years, now that the energy company has renewed its naming rights. The operator of the Encana Events Centre, Global Spectrum Facility Management, announced today that Encana will continue as a sponsor for another five years, an investment of $600,000. Encana’s partner Mitsubishi Corporation will also take part in the sponsorship. “We warmly welcome back Encana for their continued support and would like to also acknowledge the contribution from Encana’s Cutbank Ridge partner, Mitsubishi Corporation,” said Mike Bernier, Mayor of Dawson Creek. “The City of Dawson Creek is proud of the Encana Events Centre and what the venue has done for our community. This renewed investment solidifies Encana’s long-term commitment to our city.” Encana says it believes its partnership with the City of Dawson Creek through this sponsorship shows its commitment to the region it works in. Two of the major pillars of its community investment program are community and employee life, which are both represented through the Events Centre. “The Encana Events Centre has provided the community and region tremendous opportunities and I am proud to provide our support to the City of Dawson Creek,” says Mike Forgo, Encana’s Vice-President of Business Services and Stakeholder Relations. “We feel very privileged to operate in this region over the long term and this announcement reflects our commitment to be part of the community over the long term.” The Encana Events Centre opened in 2008 under Encana sponsorship.

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