Encana Corporation Investor Day: March 16 & 18, 2010 Mr. Stacy Knull, Vice-President, Clearwater Business Unit

Encana Corporation Investor Day: March 16 & 18, 2010 Mr. Stacy Knull, Vice-President, Clearwater Business Unit
In our integrated Horseshoe Canyon CBM well, we’re similar in a way, although we’re vertical, but we sometimes produce over 40 zones into a single wellbore…. We’ve been doing more and more sand completions and recompletions with our CBM. … Remember, we have sometimes 40 different zones we have to complete in these single wellbores to bring on the efficiencies of these plays. We continue to be more efficient and utilize new technology to drive our costs down on this play, load levelling, doing more when other competitors and companies are moving out of the area. … Along with adding sand opportunities, comingling with the CBM costs, continuing with the CBM costs, cost reductions and production reserves increases will help this play continuously improve. … This is a graph of our production gains using another new technology that we’ve just used in the last year. [Refer below] This allows us to better stimulate the coals for a 50 percent cost savings on stimulation. The production technology results in more coals being stimulated for a better production rate.

Our CBM zones are not fracked, as you’ll hear a lot in the other areas. …What we do is provide nitrogen down there in a stimulation fashion. We just take the nitrogen from the air you breathe stimulate the coals with it. So it’s naturally fractured and has a lot of opportunities to move forward. [Emphasis added]

Above slides from Mr. Stacy Knull’s Investor Days Presentation, March 16 & 18, 2010

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