Dr. Sandra Steingraber on IPCC AR6 Climate Report: “The science is clear: the fossil fuel industry needs to disappear from the face of the earth as soon as possible. … Promoting any expensive false solutions LIKE CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE is treachery.”

Michael E. Mann@MichaelEMann: Beef is 3% of global carbon emissions. ….fossil fuels are responsible for 67% of global carbon emissions.

Robert Howarth@howarth_cornell: Add blue hydrogen from fossil gas with carbon capture to the list….

Robert Howarth@howarth_cornell: Note that Hydrogen Council was set up by BP, Shell & Total. Gas for Climate is an association of gas pipeline companies in Europe. Both are heavily promoting hydrogen as a fuel to blend with or replace fossil gas for heating. … I try to be optimistic on eliminating fossil fuels. That’s what world needs & I know it can be done technically. It’s all about political will. Oil & gas industry doing all they can to slow progress. CCS & “clean hydrogen” from fossil gas are some of distractions they push.

Robert Howarth@howarth_cornell: … Best peer-reviewed data show when considering full lifecycle emissions, CCS so far has INCREASED, not reduced total emissions. Time to stop subsidizing oil & gas industry for this. Far, far better to spend the funds on speeding renewable transition.

TXsharon@TXsharon: The bipartisan infrastructure bill give $25 billion to #oilandgas. Can you guess what caused #ClimateEmergency?

Amir Attaran@profamirattaran: The USA penalized VW about $19 billion (CDN). But Canada penalized VW under $0.2 billion, and the Liberals put out a press release about how that was a great achievement. And you could literally see the VW and government lawyers back-patting in court!

Keith Jennings@Skobie1kanobie Replying to @profamirattaran:

And part of that deal was for $2 billion to be spent specifically for building out electrify America so people can actually charge their cars. One of the main reasons I didn’t buy a full EV was because the charging infrastructure in Canada shit, to say the least.

Amir Attaran@profamirattaran: Exactly right, and when I asked Catherine McKenna to do likewise in Canada, she was not in the least interested.

Alex Beauchamp@AlexAtFWW: Our statement on the IPCC report here – pretty damn clear we must #BanFrackingNow

In my experience, many “environmental” NGOs and “green” groups work for polluters as controlled opposition (aka pretend opposition). Big oil pays big money for groups to lie to the public, and synergize us (trick us to “collaborate” with big oil and gas to keep polluting us). Green groups might talk pretty, but their actions enable industry’s harms and pollution.

Jamie Henn@jamieclimate: Never forget that we had all the scientific evidence we needed to act on global warming over 40 years ago, but the fossil fuel industry spent millions to spread disinformation and block climate action. Global warming isn’t a tragedy, it’s a crime.

Georgia Wright@georgiafrets: Forgoing despair in favor of red-hot climate fury today. This report is the completely predictable outcome of fifty years of fossil fuel gaslighting. Big Oil execs should be scared shitless. We’re coming for them.

LNG is a bomb, in more ways than one.

Cartoon above from Vancouver Sun, 1982

Caveman Canada enables unfettered rape & pillage by humans and corporations (thousands more examples on this website):

Gérard Montpetit on International Energy Agency (IEA) declaring: “As of 2021, all governments should stop approving new coal mines or oil and gas fields.” Is the Canadian Hydrogen Council trying to save Alberta’s tarshit by transforming it into hydrogen?

Top 100 People Killing the Planet, Includes Encana’s CEO Doug Suttles

Satellites show major new methane leaks: Oil and gas industry responsible for far more methane in atmosphere than previously thought; Undetected methane leaks from energy industry are major global issue

Yet another new study: USA Permian Frac Basin leaking massive amounts of methane, “the largest source ever observed in an oil and gas field,” more than double federal estimates. How many decades will the frac fraud go on for and why do NGOs and synergy groups keep enabling the fraud?

Another new study unravels oil & gas industry lies: Levels of fossil methane naturally released are about 10 times lower than previously reported while man-made are 25-40% higher! Benjamin Hmiel: “We’ve identified a gigantic discrepancy.”

The insanely polluting leaking oil & gas industry! New paper on methane leak detection & repair: More than 1,600 leaks & vents at only 36 sites in NW Alberta. Think of the cumulative pollution, community poisoning and public health harms, notably as more and more companies, enabled by politicians (industry’s maids), regulators and courts, use bankruptcy to avoid clean up.

New study: Frac’ing in U.S. & Canada linked to worldwide atmospheric methane spike. “This recent increase in methane is massive,” Howarth said. “It’s globally significant.”

New study says shale gas not worth it, not even for the jobs: “Air pollution from shale gas development activities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia from 2004 to 2016 resulted in 1,200 to 4,600 premature deaths in the region” costing $23 billion. “Climate impacts produced mid-range costs of an additional $34 billion” while cumulative impacts on water and air quality, ecosystem, climate, labor markets and public health “are still largely unexplored and unaccounted for.”


Another cowardly North American judicial pass the buck? Federal appeals court throws out Juliana v. United States climate lawsuit in 2 to 1 ruling. In her blistering dissent: Judge Josephine Staton criticized the notion that courts have no role to play, saying govt itself acknowledged “the United States has reached a tipping point crying out for a concerted response – yet presses ahead toward calamity.”

New Study on Climate Litigation: Failing to heed latest science or lawyers intentionally working to ensure their clients’ lawsuits fail to keep big polluters, judges and enabling “regulators” and gov’ts happy?

How did VW avoid criminal charges in Canada over its emissions cheating? Stephen Maher: Environmentalists want to know why Canada dragged its feet for years, and why the PMO met with the company

2008: Bachu, S., Buschkuehle, B.E., Haug, K. and Michael, K. (2008): Subsurface characterization of the Edmonton-area acid-gas injection operations; Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Special Report 92, 134 p.

Currently publicly available here: https://ags.aer.ca/publication/spe-092. In case AER removes the report from public access (as occurs too often after I go public with damning data/reports/papers), I uploaded it to my website.

From Page 88:

Figure 59 shows the extent of the Acheson original Blairmore T and subsequent St. Albert-Big Lake Ostracod A pools, and of the Strathfield (undefined) gas reservoir in the context of lithofacies changes in the Lower Mannville Basal Quartz and Ellerslie formations. When approval was granted for acid gas injection at Acheson, the regulatory agency required the operator to file annually with EUB and each other operator in the Acheson Blairmore T and St. Albert-Big Lake Ostracod A pools progress reports that “shall include the impact of acid gas injection on the performance of offsetting producing wells”. In March 2004 the operator at Acheson reported that CO2 was detected in 2003 in well 10-22-53-26W4 in the St. Albert-Big Lake Ostracod A pool, located at 3,625 m north from the acid-gas injection well. No H2S has been detected in the produced gas. Since at Acheson the average composition of the acid gas is 87% CO2 and 11% H2S (Table 14), with H2S being denser and more viscous than CO2, it is expected that CO2 would show first at a producing well. In addition, diagenetic processes within the reservoir could have reduced the H2S concentration in the injected acid gas as a result of pyrite precipitation, if an iron source was available. The issue was brought to EUB’s attention and was heading to a hearing, but the operator at Acheson has indicated to the regulatory agency that it has initiated an Appropriate Dispute Resolution process Anyone participating in AER’s ADR must sign a gag order as the first part of the regulator’s super secret evil “resolution” process with the operator of the offset producing well to address the issue of CO2 breakthrough, and that this situation “will be addressed pursuant to the terms of the Mediated Settlement Agreement”.

This case shows that, after 13 years of injection, CO2 has migrated northward a distance of [nearly 4 km] mostly under the combined drive of injection and production. The drive into the St. Albert-Big Lake Ostracod A gas pool has increased lately with the large spike in gas production from this pool (Figure 57b). There are five producing wells much closer to the acid-gas injection well (Figure 59) that did not report CO2 breakthrough, but these wells are owned by the same operator that operated until recently the Acheson acid-gas injection site. If acid gas broke through at any of these wells, it is most likely that the operator just stripped the acid gas from the sour reservoir gas and re-injected it, as the produced gas in this area is sour to begin with. Understanding the migration path and fate of the injected acid gas at Acheson requires a separate study that is beyond the scope of this report.

From the Abstract:

Lateral migration within the gas reservoir has been recorded in 2003 at Acheson, where, after 13 years of injection, CO2 has been detected at an offset producing well at 3,625 m distance in the same gas pool. However, migration within the same unit, particularly in a gas reservoir, is expected and its occurrence should not come as a surprise. …

….the possibility for upward leakage of acid gas exists along wells that were improperly completed and/or abandoned, or along wells whose cement and/or tubing have degraded or may degrade in the future as a result of chemical reactions with formation brine and/or acid gas. A review of the status and age of wells that penetrate the respective injection unit at each site shows that most wells were drilled in the 1950s and 1960s, and that the majority of wells are abandoned. …

2006: The Role of the Upper Geosphere in Mitigating CO2 Surface Releases in Wellbore Leakage Scenarios

The cement seals can degrade by chemical action or by fracturing, which increases the effective permeability of the cement. The seal between the cement and the casing and between the annulus and the surrounding formations can also degrade or be faulty at the time of cement emplacement.

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