Dimock: water supplies tested by EPA

Dimock: water supplies tested by EPA by Laura Legere, March 16, 2012, Times Shamrock
Dimock resident Scott Ely said his test results showed five compounds above their trigger levels, including arsenic, chromium, lithium, sodium and fluoride. The arsenic level in his well water, 7.6 micrograms per liter, was below the federal drinking water standard of 10 micrograms per liter but above the 3 micrograms per liter chronic drinking water screening level for children established by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Mr. Ely, who has three small children in his home, said the results reveal “nothing surprising: my water is contaminated.” The number of compounds in his water well that triggered an expedited toxicological review “just confirms that we have issues,” he said. The natural gas industry said that the results confirm that their operations have not affected drinking water.

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