Development ruins resident’s summer

Development ruins resident’s summer by Patti Moris, September 19, 2012, Cochrane Eagle
Dear Rocky View County Reeve Rolly Ashdown: We feel quite frankly, under siege by a council that largely, with notable exceptions like our own very responsible and responsive councillor, Kim Magnuson, seems to recklessly disregard the loudly expressed views of the taxpayer.

A council that seems to disregard the expressed interest by community members of the need for a thoughtful development plan, and instead are moving ahead with outrageous and contradictory development considerations and approvals such as Bingham Crossing and Harmony development. Adding to this, we just learned of the approval, not by council, but by the Energy Resources Conservation Board, of oil development within kilometres of all this unimaginable development. Hydraulic fracturing which we fear will impact the quality of our well and our water and certainly will affect the senior’s residence also. All I can say is that it is deeply discouraging to live here at the moment and even more discouraging to be represented (or not) by you. [Emphasis added]

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