Dallas law firm brings lawsuits against 3 gas companies

Dallas law firm brings lawsuits against 3 gas companies by dallasdrilling, December 15, 2010
In each case, Mitchell Vs. Encana Oil & Gas Inc., Chesapeake Operating Inc, and Chesapeake Exploration LLC; and Harris Vs. Devon Energy Production Company L.P., the Plaintiffs contend their ground water has been poisoned and its use destroyed by the Defendants’ drilling and high pressure fracking operations conducted beneath and near their property. The lawsuits join another case already pending in the Dallas Federal District Court, Scoma Vs. Chesapeake, which arose out of drilling in Johnson County. The Plaintiffs’ attorney, Windle Turley said, “The full scope of ground water contamination in the Barnett Shale will not be known for some time, however it appears to be extensive. We believe that hundreds and more likely thousands of property owners have already had the water beneath their surface essentially ruined as a result of nearby drilling and fracking….”

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