Cracks in the façade

Cracks in the façade by Dusty Horwitt EWG, August 2011, exposes the EPA report (concluding that hydraulic fracturing contaminated groundwater) ignored by industry and the EPA for decades EPA Report to Congress:  Management of Wastes from the Exploration, Development, and Production of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Geothermal Energy Volume 1 of 3 Oil and Gas, EPA/530-SW-88-003, December 1987.
“During the fracturing process,” EPA investigators wrote in the 1987 report, which focused on the handling of natural gas, oil and geothermal wastes generally, “fractures can be produced, allowing migration of native brine, fracturing fluid and hydrocarbons from the oil or gas well to a nearby water well. When this happens, the water well can be permanently damaged and a new well must be drilled or an alternative source of drinking water found.”

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