Continued Concern on Carter Road

Continued Concern on Carter Road by Adam Chick, October 4, 2012, WBNG
It’s been nearly four years since some Dimock Township residents sued Cabot Oil and Gas over water contamination. Although federal and state agencies now say there is nothing to worry about it’s not enough to erase concerns from at least one Carter Road resident. … Some might call Ray Kemble paranoid. However, the water buffalo he now needs to get water into his house is very real. Cabot Oil and Gas stopped supplying him water last November. He hasn’t been able to use his well in four years. Although the Department of Environmental Conservation and Environmental Protection Agency say the water is now safe Kemble says the water that comes out is less than sanitary. … Kemble says many of his neighbors have left the area; Either bought out by Cabot, or simply left. A gas company offered to buy Kemble’s house. But he says the price they were asking was far too low. … As New York mulls its own decision on the process Kemble has a little advice: “The only thing I tell you people up in New York is don’t let them in. Because you’re not going to like what’s going to happen,” said Kemble. [Emphasis added]

[Refer also to: Cabot’s Methodology Links Tainted Water Wells to Gas Fracking ]

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