ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance extolls virtues of hydraulic fracturing, never heard of any problem from any part of fracturing

ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance extolls virtues of hydraulic fracturing by Susan Hylton, September 11, 2013, Tulsa World Business
As the CEO of ConocoPhillips, the largest independent oil company in the nation, Ryan Lance was happy to address the pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking” – but mostly the pros. At a forum in Bartlesville on Tuesday, Lance said he was with Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., recently when the contention came up that hydraulic fracturing is somehow demonic and shouldn’t be done. “What he doesn’t know is they have been fracking in New York in conventional vertical wells for 50 years,” Lance said. “I’ve never heard of a fatality or death or any problem due on any part of fracturing, but I know we will kill 15,000 people a year due to coal emissions. So I think we have to get realistic about what we’re doing.”

Hydraulic fracturing is a common technique used in today’s horizontal wells that breaks up rock formations to create pathways so that oil and gas can flow into the well. Lance said the most important part of making it safe is making sure that the well is constructed so that the fluid doesn’t come up into the aquifers. “It’s all about the construction,” he said. “It’s not about the material being placed down in the rock because it’s primarily water and sand.” Lance said the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing are common detergents used to keep the well bore slippery and to reduce the scale that can form. [Emphasis added]

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