Chevron Face Opposition Over Eastern Europe Fracking Plans

Chevron Face Opposition Over Eastern Europe Fracking Plans by Pratap Chatterjee, August 9, 2012, CorpWatch
But the company faces an uphill political battle to the technology that has been blamed for contaminating local water supplies and even causing earthquakes. Bulgaria banned fracking in January after a major protest against Chevron’s plans to drill in Dobrudja, the most fertile farm region in the country in January. Chevron is also running into fierce opposition in Romania which has a moratorium on the technology. The company has licenses in the north-east and south-east Dobrogea region near the southern border with Bulgaria as well as for the in north-eastern Romania near the border with Moldova. “We examined the Chevron contract and…encountered suspicious secrecy at all levels,” says Nicolae Rotaru of Civic Platform in Romania. … “It is dangerous for human life.” … “These royalties are so tiny that they cost almost nothing, the private operators who profit from the exploitation and give peanuts to the state,” wrote Ilie Serbanescu in “Romania Libera”. The Czech republic is also considering a ban.

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