Catastrophe Lac Mégantic, Brian Gable of the Globe and Mail picks his top 2013 cartoons

Brian Gable of the Globe and Mail picks his top 2013 cartoons December 5, 2013, The Globe and Mail

2013 12 05 Brian Gable picks his top 2013 cartoons

2013 07 06 lac megantic qc, canada

MUST WATCH: Catastrophe Lac Mégantic by Adrien Aubert [610,758 views as of December 8, 2013]

December 8, 2013 Quebec honours Lac-Mégantic first responders Firefighters, paramedics, police and Red Cross volunteers were given medals for their service

December 7, 2013 Lac-Mégantic lacks control over what ships through town While MM&A has agreed not to ship crude through town, a new buyer would not be prevented from doing so

December 4, 2013: Transport Canada ‘not aware’ of crude’s risks before Lac-Mégantic disaster Federal agency did not know U.S. regulators raised warning signs four months before accident that crude being shipped by train was highly explosive and unusually corrosive

December 4, 2013 Why towns are powerless to stop another disaster like Lac-Mégantic

December 3, 2013 The deadly secret behind the Lac-Mégantic inferno Since 2009, North Dakota has been producing oil faster than it can be shipped to refineries. Railways promised a solution, but the dangers of shipping Bakken crude by rail went unexplored

December 2, 2103: How oil from the U.S. Bakken formation decimated Lac-Mégantic

November 30, 2013: Survivors retell the last moments inside Lac Mégantic’s Musi-Café Patrons, a waitress and the owner of Lac Mégantic’s Musi-Café share their incredible stories

August 5, 2013: Shale Oil Wipes Out Canadian Town

The industrialization of shale pollutes water, air, corrupts politicians and kills people. One explosive tank car at a time.

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