Cabot Oil Demolishes Sautners past home in Dimock, PA

Cabot Oil Demolishes Sautners past home in Dimock, PA, 9/4/13 by, September 4, 2013
Cabot bought the Sautner House through an investment company and Cabot’s name is on the demolition permit posted out front of the house. Cabot made a settlement with the Sautners with a gag order in August 2012. Sautners moved out to NY. The house has been empty for about a year. Why would Cabot demolish it and not answer our questions and enquiries. Are they removing all evidence of this contaminated property and the “symbol” of resistance and protest ? The Sautners were the most vocal of the families in Dimock, who had lost their water after gas drilling.

Video by Independent Journalist Vera Scroggins

2013 09 04 Cabot Oil & Gas Sautner home demolition permit

Vera Scroggins wrote: What I witnessed and videotaped today and awful to watch; This former home of the Sautners, who worked tirelessly to reveal to the world what Cabot and the Gas Industry did to their water, lives, health, community, county and now Cabot is eliminating the evidence…..The whole truth will come forward and Cabot won’t be able to hide the truth with settlements and gag orders and propaganda forever….. [Emphasis added]

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