Bravo! A bright light in Caveman Canada’s racist legal industry. Legal scholar Joshua Sealy-Harrington to teach at X ULaw: “The law is a powerful mediator and site of white supremacy and colonialism.”

I think Mr. Sealy-Harrington’s teaching and writing will undo some of the racist horrors and set backs caused by the Law Society of Ontario killing their Statement of Principals.

Joshua Sealy-Harrington@JoshuaSealy April 3, 2021:

Overjoyed to announce that I will be joining @RyersonULaw as an Assistant Professor this summer, where I will continue to write, teach, and advocate for racial justice, informed by #CriticalRaceTheory, and driven by Black & Indigenous struggle

I want to take this moment to reflect on two things: gratitude and privilege. First, gratitude.

… Second, privilege. Being a law professor is a significant privilege, and I take that very seriously. The law is a powerful mediator and site of white supremacy and colonialism. And that unquestionable reality will always frame my pedagogy and scholarship.

… I grew up in Calgary, studied Critical Race Theory in New York, and will now be teaching law in Toronto. Adjusting to the discourse and reality of race in different places will be a lifelong journey, but I am committed to doing so, and mindful of how race must always be situated.

… I am also mindful of how race is a fluid logic that can act with—and through—other logics of class, gender, sexuality, disability, indigeneity, age, empire, and the state. For this reason, my specific analysis of race will always be informed by a broader analysis of power.

Tunahan Uygun@Toomba22 Replying to @JoshuaSealy:

Congratulations!!! Jealous of @RyersonULaw students ME TOO!

More here, in this magnificent thread of thanks, acknowledgements, respect and truth:

Joshua Sealy Harrington by X University

Assistant Professor Department: Faculty of Law

Areas of Expertise: Critical race theory, criminal law, constitutional law

Joshua Sealy-Harrington is a passionate teacher, scholar, and advocate. Drawing on critical race theory, Sealy-Harrington’s current research explores the ways in which law mediates racial hierarchy, with a particular focus on how criminal and constitutional law subordinate Black and Indigenous people, and relatedly, construct notions of racial identity — including through dialogue with gender, sexuality, disability, and class.

Further, as a functionally bilingual lawyer at Power Law, Sealy-Harrington’s advocacy strategically mobilizes criminal and constitutional law to advance the interests of marginalized communities. He has appeared before various courts, including as lead counsel before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Sealy-Harrington writes and speaks broadly. His writing has been featured in several law journals and news outlets (including The Globe and Mail and Newsweek), and has been cited by various tribunals (including the Supreme Court of Canada). Further, he is a frequent speaker to public, private, and academic institutions, including law schools across Canada, the National Judicial Institute, the Department of Justice, the Indigenous Bar Association, and the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada.

Also an active volunteer, Sealy-Harrington was editor-in-chief of the Canadian Bar Association’s Law Matters magazine for three years, drafts the annual moot problem for the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada’s Isaac Moot, and is a mentor with Black Future Lawyers.

Before joining X Law, Sealy-Harrington completed a B.Sc. (mathematics) at the University of British Columbia, a JD at the University of Calgary, an LLM at Columbia Law School, and three clerkships — one for Justice Donald J. Rennie at the Federal Court and two for Justice Clément Gascon at the Supreme Court of Canada.

More details at link.

Refer also to:

After the Ryerson statue was toppled on June 6, 2021, I removed “Ryerson” from the above, and replaced it with “X.”

Canada: Access to (In)justice is excellent and incredibly expensive. Joshua Sealy-Harrington: “The next time someone asks you about access to justice, ask them what they mean by justice.”

Legal scholar, Joshua Sealy-Harrington nails Canada’s unjust judicial industry: “The ‘fetishisation’ of procedure and a disregard for outcomes has routinely created injustice in Canadian society … Procedure can be weaponized to foster substantive inequality”

Legal scholar Joshua Sealy-Harrington “totally eviscerates” Murray Klippenstein’s arguments. It revolts me that my public interest lawsuit is being destroyed by Klippenstein pissing on Law Society Rule 2.09 to enable racism. After abruptly quitting my lawsuit more than 900 days ago, he *still* has not sent me my case files (while blaming me). What tune would Klippenstein sing if all the bias/prejudice was directed at Mennonite lawyers?

“[Joshua Sealy-Harrington] deconstructing Jordan Peterson’s latest, also dropping knowledge on intersectionality and hierarchy.” … “Brilliant how @joshuasealy eviscerates him. Can we now all finally recognize what a hack @jordenpeterson is please?” … “Not retweeting the original shite article by charlatan of an academic because it’s racist garbage and click bait anyhow.”

“Nothing says diversity like eight white guys sitting round a table.” So many racist misogynistic Canadian old white men in positions of power enabling rape of women, children, communities, drinking water and our environment.

Louis Century@LouisCentury: Lawyer @GPLLP. Employment law, human rights, class actions, civil litigation.

“Hey look Ma!! Racists won!!” Ontario Law Society’s Statement of Principles (SOP) abolished by dinosaurs. “Shows how corrupt our legal (definitely not justice!) system is. May all White supremacists rot in hell.” … “It is from this circus of clowns we choose our judges, and it shows in our injustice system.”

How prevalent is racism (and misogyny) among Canadian lawyers & judges?

Photos above: My ex lead lawyer Murray Klippenstein. In 2018, he abruptly quit and abandoned me and my lawsuit and the public interest, blaming me for his quitting. He did not quit other cases he took on years after he took on mine. He lied to me in writing, ignored my correspondence and concerns, withheld my website and trust funds for a year, and continues to withhold my case files (my property, not his), all contrary to the rules of his profession. I later found out via the media that Mr. Klippenstein quit my case to enable racism, claiming he was working to defend his right to freedom of thought and expression (while trying to quash mine).

Canada’s Supreme Court judge history (are/were any poor, living without water?):

All Supreme Court of Canada appointments to date:

87 White men
10 White women

2019 Profile of the Legal Profession [in USA] Report; article on it:

Diversity? Not So Much

A whopping 85% of the profession is still white. 85%.

For example, while the Report’s introduction points out that the profession changes every year, much of the story contained in the Report is unfortunately the same. For example, a whopping 85% of the profession is still white and mostly male. 85%.

80% of our federal judges are white. Almost 75% are men. That’s an incredible lack of progress for a key metric. White men, especially old ones, don’t like to share power do they?

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