Bayou Corne residents still waiting for life to return to normal

Bayou Corne residents still waiting for life to return to normal by WAFB, August 12, 2012
Sunday marked day 75 since the leak was discovered in Bayou Corne with the slurry following soon afterwards. A mandatory evacuation is still in effect while crews work to contain and clean up the area but for many residents, the only option is to remain put. The quaint subdivision of Sportsman’s Paradise on Bayou Corne is exactly that. “It’s just a beautiful place to live you know,” explained resident Dennis Landry. … This paradise is now home to a small city of emergency response personnel constantly monitoring the giant slurry from above and using around the clock testing to monitor diesel sheen and multiple natural gas leaks. … “See right here to the left, there are the bubbles as they exist today.” … For Landry and his fellow residents at Bayou Corne, the main objective is to get life back to normal but a major concern is the monetary damage the gas leak caused to the place they call home. “Certainly hoping that the responsible party will come through and in some way compensate people for their diminished value because let’s face it right now people have homes on this street and if they want to sell they don’t have much of a chance right now.”

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