Avella looks abroad to address fracking

Avella looks abroad to address fracking by  Phil Corso, August 5, 2012, Times Ledger
“This isn’t just an issue for New York state. It affects the entire world,” Avella said of the heavily debated oil extraction procedure. … The Australian lawmaker said he chose to visit Avella because of his public opposition to the possibility of bringing fracking to New York. … “Tony has a very strong record on this issue. He tells the truth and the truth is very concerning,” Buckingham said. “There are lots of politicians, but not too many truth-tellers.” … Buckingham said whether it was New York or Australia, the hydrofracking industry seemed to operate in similar ways by dominating lawmakers, politicians and communities with the same public relations spin. “They have got the same playbook,” Buckingham said. “These visits in America only confirmed what we thought about the industry.” … No matter where you go, Avella said, fracking poses a real risk in terms of its potential effect on an area’s drinking water. … “What you don’t know could hurt you a lot,” Avella said.

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