Attorney for Cabot Oil and Gas “loses it” after Vera Scroggins court hearing

Attorney for Cabot Oil and Gas “loses it” after court today by Bill Huston, March 24, 2014, Bill Huston’s Blog (Binghamton NY)

The most interesting thing IMO about Vera Scroggins’s court date today happened after court was over:

First there was a press conference downstairs. It was a mob scene. Dozens of TV news cameras were on Vera and her attorneys. All the locals said there has never been anything like this in the history of the Susquehanna County.

Amy Barrette, one of four attorneys representing Cabot Oil and Gas, confronts Scott Michelman, representing Vera Scroggins after court today. Michelman is from the Washington DC based public interest law firm Public Citizen, who along with Gerald Kinchy and the PA ACLU, are representing Vera pro bono. (Photo Credit: Wendy Lynn Lee)

2014 03 24 Vera Scroggins Lawyer Scot Michelman v Cabot Oil and Gas

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