Has the frac industry lost Texas? At earthquake town hall meeting of more than 800, Texans call for fracking to stop

Has the Fracking industry lost Texa? If fracking has lost the heart of Texas, it’s lost the nation by Jennifer Krill, January 3, 2014, Earthworks
So when Texans are willing to stand up in open democratic processes – first in Dallas and now in Azle, and say “no” to oil and gas development, it’s a sign that times are a changing. If Texans aren’t willing to live with fracking, then it may be impossible for anyone to live in harmony with fracking.

At earthquake town hall meeting, Texans call for fracking to stop by TXSHARON, January 3, 2014, Blue Daze
Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Texas anymore. More than 800 rural Texans filled the high school auditorium in Azle  last night. They came to a town hall held by the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) hoping to get answers about the recent earthquakes in North Texas. The audience booed when David Porter, Texas Railroad Commissioner announced that they were there to hear from the people but would not be answering any questions. [Emphasis added]

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