Anti-fracking protest at causeway ends

Anti-fracking protest at causeway ends by Cape Breton Post, September 15, 2012
AULDS COVE — Organizers of a three-day anti-fracking campaign at the Canso Causeway ended their peaceful protest on Saturday but plan to return to the link between Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia. The demonstration against oil and gas exploration in Cape Breton began Thursday led by representatives of Cape Breton First Nations communities, the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society and other concerned local residents. When they return, Sept. 22 at noon organizers say they’ll be part of a much larger protest. That’s going to be a global protest against fracking,” said Ginny Marshall, one of the protesters. “This is a global issues, so we are going to join that protest. We are hoping to see if every Cape Bretoner will step up and add some help.”

While protesters are opposed to oil and gas exploration in Cape Breton, they are particular opposed to an oil-drilling operation planned by Petroworth Resources at Lake Ainslie. Their ultimate goal is to stop oil and gas exploration and to educate people about the risks of such developments.

Traffic again slowed, Saturday while the group handed out pamphlets and information about their efforts to motorists, but RCMP reported complete co-operation and zero incidents. People were also invited to sign an anti-fracking petition. Besides RCMP officers, Department of Transportation staff also monitored the event to ensure the safety of both the motoring public and the protesters. An estimated 40 people were part of the first two days of that protest, but Marshall said many more turned up on Saturday. “We saw a lot of support from multi-cultural areas. It is not just us here and from other surrounding areas. It was good to see more hands of supporters with us.” Although people have been receptive to their message, she said they need to reach even more. “There are a lot of other people that didn’t know about our first protest in time to come. There are still more people out there willing to support this. We want to see everybody that can come who is willing to help. Just coming and showing your support is a lot of help.”

Petroworth president Neal Mednick stated last month that he is disappointed by the continued opposition to the operation and hopes once they demonstrate that the drilling can be done safely and without damaging the environment, that people will change their opinion. Petroworth officials have indicated they hope to starting drilling in Lake Ainslie sometime this fall. [Emphasis added]

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