Anti-fracking activists plan global day of protests

Anti-fracking activists plan global day of protests by Simone Sebastian, September 13, 2012, Fuel-fix
Anti-fracking activists are organizing an international day of protest on Sept. 22, in an effort to grow support for bans on hydraulic fracturing worldwide. … Organizers say #GlobalFrackdown is a response to ads backed by the oil and gas industry that tout natural gas as a cleaner energy alternative to crude and coal. Opponents argue that hydraulic fracturing, a  method for extracting natural gas trapped deep below Earth’s surface, threatens drinking water and human health. More than 100 protests are listed, from Cape Town, South Africa to the Yukon Territory in Canada. Most of the U.S. #GlobalFrackdown events are in the Marcellus Shale region, where there have been moratoriums and vociferous protests against hydraulic fracturing.

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