Amending Michigan’s Constitution to Ban Fracking, Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan

Amending Michigan’s Constitution to Ban Fracking, Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan by LuAnne Kozma, August 23, 2012, ecowatch
We need this particular fix in Michigan. Our state legislators and governor will not pursue a ban. Exploratory frack wells have already started in Michigan. Michigan has the most private water wells of any state. More than 1,000 toxic injection wells are already in place. The frack industry gives freely to elected officials and legislators. … The language of the proposed amendment is inspired by ban legislation in New Jersey and New York. The petition reads: A proposal to amend the Constitution by adding a new Section 28 to Article I: “To insure the health, safety, and general welfare of the people, no person, corporation, or other entity shall use horizontal hydraulic fracturing in the State. ‘Horizontal hydraulic fracturing’ is defined as the technique of expanding or creating rock fractures leading from directional wellbores, by injecting substances including but not limited to water, fluids, chemicals, and proppants, under pressure, into or under the rock, for purposes of exploration, drilling, completion, or production of oil or natural gas. No person, corporation, or other entity shall accept, dispose of, store, or process, anywhere in the State, any flowback, residual fluids, or drill cuttings used or produced in horizontal hydraulic fracturing.” … Not deterred by the misinformation tactics of the gas industry’s PR machine, Energy in Depth, nor by the newness of the issue to Michigan voters, we are picking up steam this fall by coordinating on college and university campuses and reaching out to many small groups and businesses. As we stand at farmer’s markets and festivals, we hear the repeated question “What’s fracking?” and we have the chance to explain. … We have the power. Let’s get it on the ballot!

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