Alberta woman tells tale of fracking woes

Alberta woman tells tale of fracking woes by Shannon MacLeod, December 12, 2011. Times and Transcript
“I believe this is so important that if a community asks for help, I go to give help and information. It’s to brainstorm and gather information that the communities need.”…The Canadian Council of Minister[s] of the Environment held an important workshop in 2002 and they came out with a report, said Ernst. “They wrote that unconventional drilling poses a real threat to quantity and quality (of water) and that we need baseline hydro-geological investigations to track contaminants.”…”Still to this day, we can not find out what chemicals were injected. I do not know what I was bathing in. I do not know what I was ingesting. Or breathing, venting out of my taps.”…”I say to you, say no to the poison apple. This is how they divide and conquer communities in my view. They did a really good job with this.” The Rosebud water tower blew up in an explosion on Jan. 11, 2005, said Ernst. “There was an investigation. I just found out about this recently, (the cause was) an accumulation of gases and sent a worker with serious injuries to hospital.”

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