Judicial Review Anyone? As Usual, Court of Appeal of Alberta Denies Impacted Landowners their Application for Permission to Appeal: “We have no rights and no remedies.”

The Ruling: Bokenfohr v Pembina Pipeline Corporation, 2017 ABCA 40 (CanLII) 2017-02-02, Docket: 1603-0135-AC

It took the court only 7 days to rule!

Compare to the phenomenally long times all levels of courts have taken to rule in the Ernst lawsuit to date:

  • The Supreme Court of Canada taking one year and a day to dismiss Ernst’s appeal against AER;
  • Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench taking eight months to dismiss Alberta Environment’s third application to strike Ernst’s lawsuit against them;
  • Court of Appeal of Alberta taking 4 months to dismiss Ernst’s appeal vs AER; and
  • Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench taking eight months to rule in AER and Alberta Environment second application to strike Ernst lawsuit.

Alberta landowners mired in pipeline dispute hope for legal resolution by Global News, January 27, 2017

Over three dozen Alberta landowners are hoping the Court of Appeal steps in to their fight over a pipeline. As Fletcher Kent reports, they feel the company building the line is damaging their land.

From the clip:

Landowner Greg Selzer:

The AER is doing nothing about the situation. When a company makes a commitment, then you would think that somebody would come along to enforce it.

So basically it seems like we have no rights and no remedies.”

Somebody’s got to step in and do something about it.”

AER told Global News “there are several options available to unsatisfied landowners.” [But neglected to tell Global News that none of those options exist in reality if you are a harmed Albertan, and that the AER owes “no duty of care” to any Albertan and is legally immune, even for violating citizen Charter rights.]

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