AER Master Deregulator promises regulation while bamboozling media and the public. UK frac quake “red light” is 0.5M, in Alberta, it’s 4.0M

AER: Master Deregulator!  

UK frac quake “red light” is 0.5 M

In Alberta, it’s 4.0 M

LCC/2014/0101 Roseacre Wood, Roseacre and Wharles, Fylde Appendix 9 by Lancashire Council, 2014

0.5ML is the red light threshold in the Governments traffic light system mitigation measure.

… The traffic light system requires monitoring by remote seismometers buried at the surface or at depth to undertake real time monitoring as part of the hydraulic fracturing process to inform, the duration and intensity of fluid injection during hydraulic fracturing stages to ensure that prescribed limits of induced seismicity are not exceeded – 0.5ML – the red light threshold to be used to limit induced seismicity to below the level that may be felt by humans. [Emphasis added]

UK Fracking controls infographic PDF, 775 KB, 1 page, September 9, 2013

2013 12 DECC_infographic_UK Traffic-light-system_final, STOP AT 0.5M IN UK, STOP AT 4.OM IN ALBERTA

Clip snap above to get PDF

Traffic light monitoring system (shale gas and fracking)

2013 12 DECC_infographic_UK Traffic-light-system_final, STOP AT 0.5M close up

Note credit: “Reproduced from original artwork by Natural Resources Canada”

Fracking traffic light by CBC News, February 20, 2015

Todd Shipman, a seismologist with the Alberta Energy Regulator, talks about a traffic light system being used to monitor seismic activity that may be related to hydraulic fracturing.

[Refer also to:

CAPP frac quake propaganda, as good as it gets?

Hydraulic fracturing, by definition, is a form of induced seismicity – or, put differently, induced seismicity is the desired outcome of hydraulic fracturing. This seismicity is typically contained underground and rarely felt on the surface. In fact, emerging scientific consensus suggests hydraulic fracturing poses no serious earthquake risk. [Emphasis added]

Fox Creek frac quakes make AER play deregulation with you and your loved ones: “Red Light = Green Light”

Frac Quakes in Alberta by the AER (aka the oil and gas industry)

If operators observe a seismic event of 4.0 ML or greater, they must immediately cease operations and report it to the AER.

2015 02 25 rainbows-header-stop light system in fox creek

Snap above from

Why does the “No Duty of Care” AER, legally immune, even for failing to protect Albertans and water from hydraulic fracturing, need a Liability Management Coordinator?

Fracking Quakes Pose Added Risks but Oil and Gas Companies Refuse to Share their Collected Seismic Data. “In low seismic environments like Fox Creek where the natural earthquakes are infrequent, the hazards from an induced seismic event can exceed the hazards from a natural source

Did Alberta Just Break a Fracking Earthquake World Record with 4.4 Temblor at Fox Creek? Sounds of Silence: The Crooked Lake Earthquakes

New BC OGC Report: From August 2013 to October 2014 Fracking directly caused 193 earthquakes (11 felt on surface), 38 more caused by waste injection, in Montney basin area surrounding Dawson Creek and Ft St John

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