A home exploded at Bondad Hill, Colorado

A home exploded at Bondad Hill, Colorado. The investigation showed that methane gas leaking from petroleum industry wells was to blame by Joe Hanel, Durango Herald, December 8, 2005
That well is leaking gas from the Fruitland Coal formation – the same place tapped by La Plata County’s coal-bed methane wells. The leak started almost 70 years ago, and nearby residents have long complained about methane pollution in their water wells. The gas commission hired a consultant to measure methane in the soil at 150 different points every few months since the explosion. “One of the disturbing things is we’re starting to see some high concentrations further east where we haven’t seen them before,” said Debbie Baldwin, a COGCC environmental specialist who has been actively involved in the cleanup. The latest methane gas survey showed that although the overall size of the gas seep hasn’t changed much, methane concentrations have intensified around some nearby homes…. [Emphasis added]

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