Is Encana pulling out of Drumheller?

Encana makes more cutbacks by Bob Brown, September 4, 2015, Drumheller Online

It’s been a tough last few years for the oil patch and one of the major players in the area continues to cut back to meet the new economic reality. [The exponentially increasing greed reality?] 

Encana recently laid off about 200 employees, including an unspecified number who work out of the Drumheller office. Doug McIntyre is a communications officer for the oil and gas giant.

“This was really done to align our structure with our current businesses,” [Bring in cheaper temporary workers, with few rights?] he told 99.5 Drum FM. “We’re obviously a very different company than we were a year and a half ago when we embarked on a new strategy.” [Greed over everything?]

“Those recent staff reductions were felt broadly across the company, including Drumheller,” he went on. “We’ve not broken down the staff reductions into regions, but yes, they were felt broadly across the company.”

McIntyre explained it’s part of a restructuring that began in 2013 [When Ex BP VP Doug Suttles was made CEO of Encana and brought in to slash and burn under the guise of “efficiency” like in Harper’s closet?] and that the staff reductions would probably have been made regardless of oil and natural gas prices. However, he countered the rumour that Encana is pulling out of the area.

“We’re maintaining our office in Drumheller,” he promised. [Like Encana promised the company would never frac anywhere near drinking water aquifers, after fracturing directly into them?]

We’re just in the process of tying in and completing already drilled wells and we’ll evaluate those results and potential future opportunities.” [How to better lie and rip Albertans off for private profit and continue fracing into fresh water zones?]

About 70 people, including actual employees, along with contractors and service providers, still work out of Encana’s Drumheller office. [Emphasis added]

Drumheller Encana office retained in deal with Ember Resources by Pat Kolafa, October 10, 2014,

Encana announced a deal with Ember Resources on Wednesday that will see much of its Clearwater assets sold, however the Drumheller Encana office will continue on. [ For how long? Facade to prevent rural Albertans from rebelling? ]

On Wednesday morning Encana made an announcement that it would be selling the bulk of its Clearwater Business Unit Assets to Ember Recourses. While Drumheller is firmly in Clearwater’s footprint, it looks as if Encana’s Drumheller office will remain intact.

The deal is worth $605 million Canadian [how many contaminated aquifers?], and includes 6,800 producing wells spread over 1.2 million net acres. These wells produced about 180 million cubic feet equivalent per day (mmcfe/d) on average through the second quarter. “This divestiture continues to advance our strategy. We are unlocking additional value from non-core dry gas assets as we focus on liquids rich growth areas. Our growth portfolio now includes the top two resource plays in Canada, the Montney and the Duvernay, and the top two resource plays in the United States, the Eagle Ford and, by year-end, the Permian Basin,” says Doug Suttles, Encana president and CEO. [Why did Encana hire an executive being sued for lying to replace CEO Randy Eresman after he was caught breaking anti-trust law in Michigan? ] “Through this transaction, Ember is acquiring a high-quality [widespread frac’d fresh water zones? How many gagged drinking water wells?] asset along with a tremendously talented team.”

In the announcement, it was noted that Encana is to retina about 1.1 million net acres in Clearwater, including 480,000 net acres along the eastern Edge of the Horseshoe Canyon Fairway.

[Refer also to:

2014 10 08 Brookfield Capitol Partner, Ember holdings & Encana Clearwater acquisition, Ernst vs Encana lawsuit excluded

Map accessed from Ember Resources Website on October 20, 2014

E = location of where Encana fractured Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers in secret in March 2004. Doesn’t Ember want the liability and lawsuit?

Ember lands in dark yellow

Ember Clearwater acquisition in blue ]

Luigi Vescarelli, community relations advisor for Encana, based in Drumheller explains that Drumheller falls within this retained area. “The small strip that we are keeping [Or that Ember doesn’t want?] is what will keep the Drumheller office open,” said Vescarelli.

… The heart of this area is in the Standard, [What happened to Rosebud? To many billions of dollars in impossible aquifer repairs and liability there?] Rockyford area. The Encana office in Strathmore and Pine Lake will likely become Ember Resources offices.

“It is planned that some of our staff will be moving with the assets, Ember wants to take most the field staff [But not frac’d Rosebud aquifers and the Ernst lawsuit?] on from what I understand,” said Vescarelli.

… “This acquisition establishes Ember as the leading producer of coalbed methane in Canada,” says Doug Dafoe, Ember President & CEO. “This is an exciting time for our company and we look forward to working with the talented team that has made Encana successful in this area for so many years.” [How long before companies file liens on rural Albertans when Ember can’t or refuses to pay for drilling, fracing, and re-fracing and cementing services?]

Encana has remained a key contributor to the Drumheller community and has supported [bribed?] numerous community projects. Vescarelli said Encana would continue to contribute to the areas we operate in, and even more so where we are doing development in.

[Like this:

2012 01 17 Cenovus, previously Encana, donates 250,000 to drumheller library2012: Encana $250,000 donation was conditional on getting naming rights on the youth, children and community rooms at the library. What kind of library makes a deal with the devil and takes money in exchange for propagandizing children, youth and community?

Was Encana’s “donation” to Rosebud come with the condition of silence about Encana breaking the law and fracing the community’s drinking water?

Free methane, ethane, phthalates, benzene, arsenic, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, kerosene in your baby food, coffee and tea?

2010 08 24 Encana buying Rosebud silence

A six year wait? Why took Satan so long?

Encana shallow fracing at Rosebud before mandated Baseline Testing April 2006 shows location water tower that exploded in 2005

2001: Encana began experimenting in Rosebud’s drinking water zones.

April 2004: Encana secretly, repeatedly intentionally frac’d the community’s drinking water aquifers:

2003 Encana 5-14-22-27-W4M Shallow Casing Perforations frac'd in 2004 into Rosebud Drinking Water Aquifers from Alberta Groundwater Centre Database

Above snap: Encana gas well perf data on Alberta’s drinking water well database!

2004 03 2 Encana 5 14 27 22 W4M Fractured Rosebud AquifersEncana’s 2004 data above on file at the EUB that the Alberta government refused to look at in their Rosebud community-wide drinking water investigation, defamatorily claiming publicly, that Ernst broke into the regulator’s offices and altered all Encana’s data

2004 05 12 AER, then EUB, Manager Jim Reid presentation on high risk shallow frac operations 1

2004 05 12 AER, then EUB, Manager Jim Reid presentation on high risk shallow frac operations 2

2004 05 12 Jim Reid EUB ERCB now AER shallow operations can be 'high risk'

In 2011, after Ernst linked to this 2004 EUB presentation on the Ernst vs Encana website, the regulator pulled it off the internet. Ernst had saved a copy and later uploaded it to her website for the public interest. The regulator’s confession had been publicly available on it’s website for 7 years.

2006 Nga de la Cruz Alberta Environment Methane release migration into shallow aquifers, home basements, explosion

How the Alberta government saw shallow frac risks, but didn’t warn Albertans, not even those relying on the drinking water at Rosebud.

2004 Encana's fresh water production problems on 5-14-27-22-W4M at Rosebud

Below: Encana October 2004 Newsletter:

Luigi Vescarali featured in the photo in news letter snap above. 

Did Encana finally give the much more than promised money because the aquifer frac’er was terrified of fallout from the EPA’s drinking water investigation at Pavillion Wyoming where Encana also fracked directly into the community’s drinking water aquifers? (The six-year-delayed “donation” was in local media just days before this news spread across the world:

2010 09 01 Dont drink Pavillion's water, Encana agrees to provide alternate water

Highest methane concentration comparison Pavillion Wyoming & Rosebud Alberta

Later testing by the Alberta government in Signer’s water found 110,000 mg/l (Signer’s was the only water well in the frac’d community appropriately purged before testing)

2014 08 12 DiGuilio Jackson Hydraulic Fracturing directly in underground drinking water sources at Pavillion Wyoming snap title

2014 08 12 DiGuilio and Jackson Hydraulic Fracturing directly in underground drinking water sources at Pavillion Wyoming snap

[Refer also to:

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2014: Encana spends $3.1 Billion to enter Eagle Ford shale, but breaks 2006 written promise to provide necessary water to water well owners harmed by Encana’s ultra shallow fracing

2014 10 20: Rosebud included? (No. Didn’t Ember want the Ernst vs Encana lawsuit?) Brookfield Capital Partner’s Ember Resources buys most of Encana’s “fee-lands” (royalty-free) in Alberta’s Horseshoe Canyon play; Ember will be one of Prairie Sky’s biggest payees, paying 5 percent overriding royalty

2014: Encana Readies Spinoff of Clearwater Alberta Properties into PrairieSky, estimated to be worth $2.5 billion or more

2013: Battered Encana taps former BP exec Doug Suttles, who reportedly covered-up the extent of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, as new CEO

2013: Investors sue BP’s ex-CEO Tony Hayward and Doug Suttles, now Encana CEO

After Encana agrees to pay $5Million fine in antitrust case, Michigan’s Attorney General dismisses second criminal charge against Encana

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Encana gets “worst energy sector story” of 2013! ]

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