3 Injured Following Gas Well Explosion in Harrison County

3 Injured Following Gas Well Explosion in Harrison County by Jamie Stover, Barbour Doddridge, Randolph and Ritchie County Reporter, August 17, 2012, wboy.com
Thomas J. Aluise, of the WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas released this statement Friday afternoon: “We will issue an order today telling Antero that all well work, other than procedures needed to make sure the site remains stable, must cease on the site. We have not issued any violations yet.” … Drillers were just under 500 feet deep when the explosion occurred. … The West Virginia DEP Office of Oil and Gas said the methane burned off immediately. The field inspector said workers were not exposed to or poisoned by methane gas. … According to Harris, violations are pending. Harris said it is possible workers hit a pocket of methane gas, causing the explosion. Crews were preparing to install freshwater casing and were removing a drill bit when the explosion occurred just before 4:30 a.m. According to a statement released by Hall Drilling, the “well was drilled to roughly 480 feet when an unknown source of natural gas escaped out of the hole and ignited.”

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