118 homes evacuated in Calgary after explosion

118 homes evacuated in Calgary after N.W. explosion by Stephanie Massinon, November 11, 2011, Calgary Herald
An explosion in Arbour Lake on Friday afternoon sent manhole covers flying into the air and water gushing out of toilets in the northwest Calgary community…. “All the toilets and sinks had blown water up and there was some tiny little black rock particles and it smells like sulphur, that rotten eggs smell. On the walls, there was water in the bathrooms.” Minutes later, the fire department arrived and told them to leave right away. … When Pirri looked outside, three manhole covers on her street had been blown off. She left with her family within minutes. Fire department spokesman Brian McAsey said six manhole covers appeared to have been blown off and there was smoke coming out of the sewers when the first fire crews arrived.

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