10 Signs The Fracking Industry Faces Big Trouble

10 Signs The Fracking Industry Faces Big Trouble by Denis G. Campbell, August 12, 2o13, UK Progressive

6. The Industry Buys Their Own Science: What professor would not want private industry to throw £500K research pounds (of course the price is the science then has to say what the industry wants it to say)? Distinguished Cornell University professor, Dr. Anthony Ingraffea showed 6.5% of all well casing fail immediately leading to methane migration in the water supply. 60% fail over 20 years and they all fail over time. He asked why the industry doesn’t fix this? Because it can’t!

7. They Buy Up All the Lawyers: This one is genius. When they move to town, they hire every lawyer they can to draft a small contract. Why? Because when those who are harmed by the frackers need legal help? All the legal and scientific experts are on the frackers’ side, conflicted out of representing anyone who could do harm in court.

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