$10 million tagged for 18 water projects in Alberta, but nothing for families with red-flag indicators of petroleum industry contamination in their well water

$10 million tagged for 18 water projects in Alberta by Edmonton Journal, April 30, 2013
Alberta’s lead agency for energy and environmental research is spending $10 million to support 18 water projects, including one that deals with oilsands process water. “These projects will provide the crucial information we need to support an actionable strategy for safe, secure and sustainable water for Albertans,” said Eddy Isaacs, chief executive of Alberta Innovates — Energy and Environment Solutions [Previously Alberta Research Council]. The 18 research projects range from work on developing a monitoring scheme to detect arsenic in well water to validating reclamation targets for wetland habitats. One of the projects is the University of Alberta’s work on treatment processes leading to the safe release of oilsands process water. A multi-disciplinary team is studying the long-term survival of fish in treated and untreated water brought in from Syncrude’s operations, and has been trying innovative approaches such as adding ozone, which was found to speed the breakdown of the naphthenic acids. The scientists know process water varies widely between operations, but hope their work will eventually be able to be applied on a wide scale throughout the industry. [Emphasis added]

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