Ecuador asks The Hague to quash Chevron case

Ecuador asks The Hague to quash Chevron case by France24, November 15, 2013
Ecuador has asked the The Hague’s Permanent Court of Arbitration to dismiss a case brought by US oil giant Chevron, which stands accused of polluting a vast area of the Amazon, officials said Friday. Ecuador has requested the court issue a “definitive suspension” of the case brought by Chevron, which is challenging a $9.5 billion fine, Ecuador legal officials confirmed to AFP via email. The request was filed Thursday. “There is no deadline for the court to decide,” the Ecuador justice source said. Ecuador’s Supreme Court earlier this week upheld a lower court decision against Chevron but dramatically reduced the amount to be paid in damages from $19 billion to $9.51 billion. Chevron described the Ecuador court ruling this week as “illegitimate and unenforceable.”

Thousands of Ecuadoran villagers say they were sickened and many have cancer as a result of the oil pollution of their water supply. [Emphasis added]

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