The Bravest Man in Albany: Dr. Nirav Shah

The Bravest Man in Albany by Chip Northrup, February 12, 2013, Shaleshockmedia
Turns out to be Dr. Nirav Shah. Imagine that. Who evidently would not be rail-roaded by the gas lobby, which makes him about the only person in the Cuomo Administration that has not been systematically bought-off, cowed, co-opted or otherwise compromised completely. For once someone in the administration did the right thing. So here’s to you Dr. Shah. Shahs’ letter to Commissioner Martens. Whenever Martens starts selling HVHF permits, the legal scenario will remain the same – the DEC has royally botched the rule-making process and they will be blocked – in court. Because the DEC has labored mightily for years and brought forth the Best Regulations the Frackers Could Buy.

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