Hydro-Frac Information meeting Report-Sept 7/11 Eagle Hill

Hydro-Frac Information meeting Report-Sept 7/11 Eagle Hill by Doug Malsbury, September 7, 2011, Alberta Surface Rights Group
Three speakers made presentations and then answered questions from the floor.
Tom McGee-ERCB
Bob Willard-ERCB
Graham Gilchrist- Farmers Advocate Office
There was also a lot of concern about water issues…. This prompted questions on whether natural faults or old leaking abandoned wells (like in the Calmar school yard) could result in leaks? The ERCB answer was the risk was there but the economics over ruled these concerns! A question about what kind of chemicals were being used and how dangerous these chemicals were…was addressed by ERCB spokesman Willard, with hope that the companies were committed to revealing those chemicals to the public…sometime in the future. [Emphasis added]

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