The fix is in

The fix is in by Kevin Niemi, June 26, 2007, The Edmonton Journal
The circus that has been playing out with the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board hearings regarding the high-voltage power line from Edmonton to Calgary has brought the whole process to absurdity under the guise of justice. With the news the AEUB is spying on landowners, the board has unofficially terminated its ability to pass any legal ruling. Throw into this the endorsement of these tactics by Ed “No Brakes” Stelmach, and we are now convinced the whole process is compromised. I attended the AEUB coalbed methane hearings in Torrington last year. I read the board’s written report and I know how selective it can be with its evidence for pre-desired outcomes. The government-corporate energy complex always wins against citizens who get in the way of “progress.”

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