SHALE OIL WIPES OUT CANADIAN TOWN ! by Chip Northrup, August 5, 2013, Shaleshockmedia

Turns out it was shale oil on the train that exploded in Canada, light viscosity shale oil – from shale wells in North Dakota. Not heavy crude from Canada as was supposed at the time. Which accounts for why it exploded. Heavy crude oil can have a hard time catching fire, much less exploding. No one could figure out how it exploded, so they blamed it on a tank of propane. This was like rolling 72 tanker cars of gasoline right into the middle of town – into a siding.

Shale oil is so volatile that it explodes. Like gasoline. On contact. Remember that next time there is a plan to ship or pipe shale oil through your town. Or state. Or country.

The industrialization of shale pollutes water, air, corrupts politicians and kills people. One explosive tank car at a time.

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