Say you’re sorry Ed

Say you’re sorry Ed by Hugh MacDonald, June 27, 2007, The Edmonton Journal
The Stelmach government continues to show that it is completely out of touch, not only with the citizens of this province, but with the basic principles of democracy. Landowners have a democratic right to voice concerns and ask questions about proposed developments on or near their land. No government has the right to spy on its citizens. When I learned that the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, a government agency, hired private detectives to spy on farmers and landowners in Rimbey, I was appalled. It is a dark day for democracy when the premier believes that a government agency has the right to eavesdrop and spy on farmers — the very people who put him in the premier’s office. This spying is a terrible betrayal of their trust. Premier Ed Stelmach should be ashamed of himself for supporting such undemocratic tactics. He should make the details regarding this disturbing incident public and apologize immediately to Albertans for trampling on their democratic rights.

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