Galef requesting lists of chemicals used in fracking

Galef requesting lists of chemicals used in fracking by Andrea Prusik, August 6, 2012, Legislative Gazette
Her constituents wondered why a list of chemicals was unavailable to the public if they truly were safe. To address concerns and educate herself and her constituents as much as possible, Galef wrote and sent letters to the CEOs of Chesapeake Energy, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Talisman Energy, and Chief Oil and Gas. … The letters simply ask the CEOs if they could provide lists of chemicals that would be used in the hydrofracking process so she and her constituents can be well informed about the issue. … Talisman energy also sent an email with a link to a website,, which lists 47 chemicals used in fracking. Gomez said Talisman believes shale gas “can and must be developed safely.” The website is managed by the Groundwater Protection Council and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. The former is a lobbying group and the latter is a multi-state government agency that makes sure oil and natural gas resources are “conserved and maximized” in our nation. … Some of the chemicals listed on include methanol, ethanol, and ethylene glycol. However, it says the list is not complete and does not specify what chemicals would be used in upstate New York. Phone calls to ExxonMobil’s media contacts resulted in hang-ups. Chevron also responded to emails with the same link to Finally, Chesapeake Energy failed to respond to both phone calls and emails.

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