Frac threat charges laid

Frac threat charges laid by Lea Smaldon and John Gleeson, March 27, 2012Mountain View Gazette
Last Thursday, Sundre RCMP charged Kim Mildenstein, 39, with two counts of uttering threats after investigating an Energy and Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) complaint about a faxed Objection To An Energy Resources Project form it received March 15. The document writer raised an unresolved concern with NAL Energy regarding a fracking and flaring project at 13-30-33-04-W5 in Mountain View County, a few miles north east of Sundre in the Eagle Valley area. If you frack I will blow up your well and shoot bullets at your crew NAL. You are at risk. You are placing employees at risk,” a portion of the signed document states. … In November, the Gazette ran a story on Mildenstein’s efforts to spur the county and oil and gas companies to take prompt action to remedy ongoing traffic concerns in Eagle Valley. Mildenstein presented a list of requests and a litany of concerns when she met with county officials and ERCB representatives at the offices of the Sundre Petroleum Operators Group in Sundre on Oct. 31. She said residents had been put at risk by excessive speeds, dangerous driving and the inordinate volume of traffic resulting from high oil and gas activity in the area. “One truck per minute per hour – that’s what our neighbour calculated,” Mildenstein said. “That was for four months straight, day and night. You can imagine how hard it was to sleep with the jake brakes going into the valley.” Mildenstein said she filed at least 10 objections through the ERCB website after school buses returned to the roads last fall….

ERCB spokesperson Bob Curan said the ERCB rarely receives correspondence it perceives to be threatening.

The document writer raised concerns over water contamination from fracking. …

“Request FRACK FLUID LIST faxed to my home. (STOP CANCER)” [Emphasis added]

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Fracking grievances aired at Eagle Hill, September 13, 2011 Willard said the ERCB “supports full disclosure” of chemicals used in the process, and added there would be an announcement later this month on the issue.]

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